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Barry Hearn Faces Mock Arrest for Charity: A Knockout Move for a Worthy Cause

In a surprising turn of events, sports mogul Barry Hearn has announced that he’s willingly stepping into the legal ring today. The 75-year-old founder of Matchroom, a sports promotional company renowned for its major boxing, darts, and snooker events, is set to be ‘arrested,’ thrown into a police van, and taken to court. However, before you start calling your lawyer friends, rest assured – it’s all for a charitable cause.

Having received an OBE for his contributions to sport in 2020, Hearn Sr. passed on many day-to-day responsibilities to his son Eddie Hearn. While still offering advisory input to the business, Barry seems to have found a new calling in charity work.

This unexpected announcement came via his Twitter account on Thursday morning, where he declared, “Today at 9:15 am, I will be arrested at Bristol Temple Fields Station.” His plan? To be handcuffed, tossed into a police van, and head to court, all in the name of raising bail money for a noble cause – the Jessie May Children’s Hospice.

Jessie May Children’s Hospice at Home is a charity that goes above and beyond, providing exceptional palliative care and support to children with life-limiting conditions and their families in the comfort of their own homes. The organization has seen a significant increase in referrals over the last decade, with medical needs becoming more complex. As a result, the specialized clinical care provided by Jessie May nurses, especially at end-of-life, has become more crucial.

The goal of Barry Hearn’s unconventional stunt is to raise funds for this cause. Hearn’s JustGiving page sheds light on the charity’s mission, stating, “Today our team of nurses delivering care in the home stands at 16, to fund just 1 of them costs from £41,000.”

From diagnosis to end-of-life care and through bereavement, Jessie May is there every step of the way. Barry Hearn’s arrest-for-charity initiative is a unique way to draw attention to the cause, and he’s calling on the public to help him raise the bail needed for his release.

In the world of sports promotions and charity, Barry Hearn continues to make headlines, proving that age is no barrier when it comes to championing a good cause.

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