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Aussie Boxing Legend Jeff Fenech Hospitalized with Mystery Infection

Australian boxing icon Jeff Fenech has been rushed to a Sydney hospital due to a mysterious infection, raising concerns that he may require a second round of heart surgery. The former world champion, renowned as one of the country’s greatest fighters, is undergoing urgent tests on his heart at a private hospital in Sydney’s inner west after experiencing a high fever.

Fenech, 59, expressed his distress over his condition, stating, “I feel s**thouse. I’m sick as a dog. I have a mystery infection.” He revealed that doctors suspect the infection may be linked to his heart and valves, prompting a series of extensive tests to determine the cause.

The boxing legend was initially hospitalized after enduring a prolonged fever for 12 days, with his body temperature reaching nearly 40 degrees. Additionally, Fenech is grappling with an inflamed and swollen wrist, believed to be connected to the spread of the infection from the valves in his heart.

Fenech, famously known as the ‘Marrickville Mauler,’ is determined to avoid undergoing another surgical procedure after undergoing life-saving open-heart surgery in Thailand in 2019. This previous operation was necessitated by a battle with pneumonia, which forced him to miss his daughter Jess’s wedding. During his time in Bangkok, Fenech experienced alarming symptoms, including coughing up blood and suffering a shaking fit, leading to the five-hour operation to replace his heart valve and drain fluid from his lungs.

The current health scare has brought renewed concern for Fenech and his fans, as they await updates on his condition and potential treatment plans.

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