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Audi Attar Leaves Door Open for McGregor vs. Jake Paul Showdown 'You Never Say Never'"

Audi Attar, manager of UFC icon Conor McGregor, is keeping the door ajar for a potential future clash with social media sensation turned boxer, Jake Paul.

Despite their ongoing verbal sparring over the years, McGregor and Paul have yet to step into the ring together. Paul, with a boxing record of 7-1 and notable victories over UFC veterans, continues to make waves in combat sports. His next bout is scheduled for December 15 against pro boxer Andre August.

McGregor, recovering from a severe leg injury sustained in July 2021, plans to return to the UFC octagon in 2024. However, Attar hinted that the McGregor vs. Paul spectacle might not be confined to boxing. Paul is venturing into mixed martial arts, with plans for an MMA debut in the near future. His recent call-out to Nate Diaz for an MMA rematch underscores his foray into the broader world of combat sports.

While Attar acknowledged the challenge of predicting the future in combat sports, he didn’t rule out the possibility of a showdown between McGregor and Paul, whether in the boxing ring or the MMA cage.

“I think the challenge with combat sports is looking that far ahead. You never say never. Getting back into the octagon is step one, going in and handling business there. Then, not looking past that, but then, obviously, when you get past that, look at your options and see what’s next,” Attar stated in an interview with Fox. As fans speculate about the potential clash between these two titans, the uncertainty adds an extra layer of intrigue to the evolving narrative of McGregor and Paul’s potential showdown.

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