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Anthony Joshua's Uncertainty: Ngannou Round Confusion

In an unexpected twist leading up to Anthony Joshua’s crossover fight with Francis Ngannou, the former heavyweight champion found himself seeking clarification on the bout’s scheduled rounds. Joshua, accustomed to 12-round fights for the past eight years, faced the revelation that his clash with former UFC champion Ngannou would only span 10 rounds. The confusion unfolded during a face-to-face interview when Joshua, preparing for a potential 12-round bout, had to confirm the actual duration with Ngannou.

Ngannou, who made his professional boxing debut against Tyson Fury in a 10-round bout, expressed his reluctance to adopt a traditional 12-round format, citing a preference for a gradual transition into professional boxing. Despite the unconventional nature of his journey, Ngannou’s compelling performance against Fury and the subsequent disruption to Joshua’s planned bout with Deontay Wilder propelled him into the spotlight.

Initially dismissing the idea of a bout with Ngannou as a “gimmick fight,” Joshua’s perspective shifted as he witnessed the former UFC champion’s impact on the boxing world. The unexpected opportunity emerged when Wilder’s loss to Joseph Parker altered the heavyweight landscape. Joshua, known for embracing challenges, recognized the magnitude of facing Ngannou and acknowledged it as the most significant challenge of his career.

While Joshua remains focused on securing an undisputed world title shot, Ngannou’s priorities differ. The Cameroonian fighter aims for a win against Joshua, not necessarily for a world title, but to set the stage for a rematch against Fury, irrespective of Fury’s belt status. Ngannou’s approach reflects a strategic deviation from conventional boxing trajectories.

As the March 8th clash approaches, the dynamics of the Joshua-Ngannou showdown are marked by unexpected twists, including round duration discrepancies. The bout, initially met with skepticism, has evolved into a unique spectacle, blending elements of traditional boxing with the unpredictability of an unconventional crossover.

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