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Anthony Joshua vows he won't 'repeat the mistake' Tyson Fury made when fighting Ngannou-"There’s no element of surprise"

Anthony Joshua, Britain’s heavyweight boxing champion, has expressed both admiration and caution in a statement about his upcoming opponent, MMA star Francis Ngannou. The highly anticipated clash, set for March in Saudi Arabia, promises to be a thrilling encounter fueled by contrasting styles and remarkable personal journeys.

Joshua began by praising Ngannou’s incredible story, describing the Cameroon-born fighter’s perilous journey from refugee to UFC champion as “an inspiration.” He acknowledged the hardships Ngannou endured, crossing deserts and seas with unwavering determination, and highlighted his success in one of the world’s most demanding sports. “He’s a go-getter,” Joshua stated, “someone who sets a goal and goes and gets it.”

However, while commending Ngannou’s resilience, Joshua assured fans that he won’t repeat the “mistake” made by Tyson Fury, who underestimated Ngannou in their October bout. Fury narrowly escaped an upset after being floored by Ngannou in his boxing debut. “There’s no element of surprise,” Joshua declared, **”I wouldn’t have underestimated him. No, the problem with me is I train the same for every fight; obviously we train differently, but I do always work hard, so I wouldn’t have underestimated him. But now I know the guy can fight, I know. It’ll be good to see how I deal with that – and how he deals with me as well.”

Joshua praise Ngannou's journey
Joshua praises Ngannou’s Journey and uses it as motivation

Acknowledging Ngannou’s mobility and offensive power, Joshua emphasized his dedication to adapting and strategizing for every opponent. “I wouldn’t have underestimated him,” he said, “but now I know what I’m facing. It’ll be good to see how I deal with that – and how he deals with me as well.”

This clash of styles and personalities has ignited the boxing world. Joshua, a master of the sweet science, faces Ngannou’s devastating knockout power and unpredictable MMA-honed tactics. Both fighters carry the weight of high expectations and personal narratives, adding a layer of drama to the already explosive bout.

With Joshua vowing respect and preparation, and Ngannou seeking redemption after the Fury fight, the stage is set for an epic showdown that promises to rewrite boxing history. March can’t come soon enough for fight fans eager to witness this extraordinary clash of champions.

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