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Anthony Joshua Studies Tyson Fury's Netflix Show for Psychological Insight

Heavyweight rivals Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury have their eyes on each other, even when they’re not in the boxing ring. Joshua recently shared his thoughts on watching Tyson Fury’s Netflix show, “At Home with the Fury’s,” and the insights it provides into Fury’s life. But for Joshua, it’s more than just entertainment; it’s an opportunity to gain a psychological edge should they ever face off.

“I like it. I like his kids. They’re so funny. His wife is loyal, so supportive,” Joshua said. “I am partly watching it because it gives me an insight that maybe I can use if we do fight.”

When asked about what he might have observed, Joshua hinted at Fury’s emotional vulnerabilities: “How you can change his mood. They say I am mentally weak. He definitely has mental issues.”

Joshua emphasized that understanding Fury’s psychology could provide an advantage, although it might not be directly applicable during a fight: “In the heat of a fight, you’re not going to be thinking, ‘Ah, that bit in episode seven of the Netflix series…’ But, it does give the psychologists a chance to understand him more.”

In the world of boxing, strategies extend beyond the physical; they also encompass psychological warfare, pre-fight rituals, and the symbolism of various choices. Joshua acknowledges the importance of these elements, even if they are not directly tied to in-ring performance.

As for the possibility of Joshua starring in his own Netflix show, he remains focused on his business endeavors and life after boxing, rather than pursuing a fleeting moment of fame. “If one of them had a strategy where they wanted to showcase themselves for some reason, then yes, a great opportunity, but they don’t,” he noted.

The rivalry between Joshua and Fury extends beyond the ring, with both fighters analyzing every angle to gain the upper hand, whether it’s in the mind or under the bright lights of the boxing arena.

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