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Anthony Joshua Expresses Confidence in Beating Tyson Fury in Potential Bout

In a candid interview with Louis Theroux, Anthony Joshua, the British boxing sensation, didn’t shy away from discussing his fierce rival, Tyson Fury. Joshua confidently asserted that he could triumph over Fury in a boxing match, even if the bookmakers favored his opponent.

When asked by Theroux if the bookies would likely give Tyson Fury the edge in a hypothetical bout, Joshua replied, “Yeah, yeah. But it’s good. It’s a challenge, but one I would be up for.”

While the boxing world eagerly anticipates a showdown between these two heavyweight giants, Joshua made it clear that he would be “over the moon” if he were to defeat Fury one day. Although the two heavyweights may not share a particularly friendly relationship, Joshua expressed deep respect for Fury’s accomplishments in the world of boxing.

The potential clash between Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury has been a long-awaited dream for boxing enthusiasts around the globe. As both fighters continue to be dominant figures in the heavyweight division, their eventual showdown promises to be a blockbuster event that could potentially settle the debate of who is the best in the division.

Joshua’s confidence and readiness to embrace the challenge add another layer of excitement to the prospect of this epic battle. While bookmakers may have their favorites, in the world of boxing, as Joshua aptly noted, anything can happen, and fans are eagerly awaiting the moment these two titans step into the ring to determine the ultimate champion.

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