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Anthony Joshua Balancing Expectations in British Boxing

In the lead-up to ‘Day of Reckoning’, Anthony Joshua’s demeanor has turned icy, with a no-nonsense approach that’s caught the attention of fight enthusiasts. The two-time heavyweight champion’s terse responses during media engagements have stirred talk of a moody and disinterested Joshua.

His arrival in Jeddah for the mega boxing night was marked by a stark contrast to his fellow fighters’ excitement, indicating Joshua’s firm immersion into fight mode. This shift in demeanor isn’t new, as he’s faced scrutiny following back-to-back losses to Oleksandr Usyk, prompting doubts about his edge and killer instinct.

For over a decade, Joshua’s been the face of British boxing, but perceptions have changed amid recent challenges. His post-defeat behavior, clashes with Usyk’s team, and emotional press conferences sparked criticism, with claims of him losing his edge. Despite this, his pursuit of becoming a three-time world champion remains an unwavering obsession.

Under the intense spotlight, Joshua strives to balance media obligations with an intense focus on boxing, training away in the US with Derrick James. His efforts to evolve while handling immense pressure indicate a fighter seeking redemption, amid unfair comparisons and relentless judgment from fans and media.

In an industry where expectations run high, Joshua’s challenges go beyond the ring, navigating scrutiny that often exceeds the norm for other fighters. His dedication to training and growth remains steadfast, even amidst unjust criticism.

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