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Another 'Doping Scandal' for Matchroom Boxing!

Matchroom Boxing faces another controversy with another doping scandal involving one of their boxers, this time a reigning champion.

The World Boxing Council (WBC) disclosed to World Boxing News that the undisputed women’s super featherweight champion, Alycia Baumgardner, tested positive in a doping test.

According to the WBC, they were notified of a discrepancy arising from Baumgardner’s anti-doping test related to her July 15, 2023, match against challenger Christina Linardatou. This particular test was carried out by Drug-Free Sport and was separate from the WBC Clean Boxing Program.

In light of this, the WBC confirmed they would conduct a thorough investigation, as per their rules and guidelines.

“The sample collection that resulted in the adverse finding occurred in relation to the July 15, 2023, bout between champion Baumgardner and challenger Christina Linardatou.

The adverse finding in question arose from a sample collection and anti-doping test administered by Drug-Free Sport. It was not part of the WBC Clean Boxing Program.

“Accordingly, the WBC will initiate a notification, investigation, and results management procedures for WBC World Championship bouts consistent with the WBC Rules & Regulations.”

This is the second doping issue for Matchroom in recent weeks, following heavyweight Dillian Whyte’s exclusion from his rematch with Anthony Joshua. Coupled with another incident involving Conor Benn, Matchroom has now faced three such controversies in a year that have necessitated inquiries.

Matchroom Boxing responded to the news, stating, “Given the recent developments, the fight has been called off. We will be conducting a comprehensive investigation.” They also mentioned that updates regarding Joshua’s return and other planned fights would be provided soon.

Whyte, known as “The Body Snatcher”, expressed shock at the doping allegations against him. He emphasized, “I was surprised to hear about the VADA report of a positive result. I can say with certainty that I haven’t consumed the substance in question.” Whyte highlighted his consistent participation in VADA testing for all his fights, and his previous experience where he was falsely accused. He asked for time to prove his innocence.

Similarly, Baumgardner has rejected the charges against her.

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