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Andre Ward Criticizes WBC Over Francis Ngannou’s Controversial Ranking

Former two-weight world champion Andre Ward has openly criticized the WBC’s decision to rank Francis Ngannou, the former UFC Heavyweight Champion, as the tenth best heavyweight in the world following his impressive boxing debut against Tyson Fury. Ward, known for his unblemished record in boxing, expressed strong reservations about the sanctioning bodies’ handling of rankings, labeling it as a political move.

In a recent interview on The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani, Ward voiced his disagreement with Ngannou’s placement, highlighting the disparity in treatment among fighters striving to enter the top 10 rankings. He condemned the notion of favoritism or backstage maneuvering influencing rankings, stressing that such decisions impact fighters’ careers and livelihoods significantly.

Ward, an Olympic Gold Medalist who retired undefeated, emphasized the importance of establishing oneself in the sport before earning such rankings, pointing out that Ngannou’s impressive performance was a standalone event and not a consistent boxing track record. He criticized the sanctioning bodies for what he perceives as a lack of fairness and transparency, suggesting that the rankings wield substantial influence over fighters’ career trajectories.

The former boxing champion’s remarks underscore the contentious nature of Ngannou’s ranking and shed light on the broader issues within the sanctioning bodies’ operations. As Ngannou balances commitments between MMA and a potential future in boxing, the aftermath of his WBC ranking remains a subject of scrutiny and debate within the combat sports community.


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