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Ancajas Reflects on Defeat, Admits Confidence Breakdown After Inoue Stoppage"

In a tough showdown for the bantamweight title, Jerwin Ancajas faced a setback as Takuma Inoue emerged victorious with a ninth-round stoppage. Ancajas, aiming to secure a two-weight world champion status, acknowledged his shortcomings that led to the defeat in Japan.

Ancajas, known for his prowess in body punches, found himself on the receiving end for neglecting body defense and being reckless with his punches. Reflecting on the fight, he admitted, “I was so focused on hitting the body, but it was me who got hit in the body.” The Filipino boxer confessed that it was the first time in his career, including sparring, that he went down from a body shot.

The former IBF super flyweight champion acknowledged his failure to carry his gym form into the ring, expressing concern about his performance. “It got me thinking [why I was getting hit so easily], I lost my skills in the ring, but it is all there when I spar. It is like I get dumb inside the ring. I do not know what is happening,” Ancajas added.

The defeat has taken a toll on Ancajas’ confidence, and he refrained from contemplating his future in the aftermath of the Tokyo bout. Clearly upset, he stated, “I have very low morale right now, and I lost my confidence. It is what it is. I will leave it to the Lord what is next for my career.”

Ancajas is entrusting the future planning to his long-time advisor, Sean Gibbons, highlighting his reliance on the guidance provided by Gibbons and his coach. The Filipino boxer expressed his willingness to follow the plans set forth by Gibbons, emphasizing the impact the defeat has had on his morale.

As Ancajas navigates this challenging moment in his career, only time will tell what lies ahead for the former champion. For now, the focus remains on regaining confidence and addressing the weaknesses exposed in the bout against Inoue.

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