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Amir Khan Predicts Outcome of Tyson Fury vs. Francis Ngannou 'Epic Clash' in Heavyweight Showdown

In the eagerly awaited heavyweight bout set to take place in Saudi Arabia on Saturday, October 28, former world champion Amir Khan weighs in on the showdown between WBC champion Tyson Fury and former UFC fighter Francis Ngannou. While Khan acknowledges Fury’s favoritism, he underscores Ngannou’s puncher’s chance, considering the sheer size and power the former MMA star brings to the boxing ring. The event will be broadcast live on TNT Sports Box Office, making it a must-watch for fight fans.

Fury’s Dominance: Undeniably, Tyson Fury stands as the dominant force in this upcoming match. With an unblemished record in his professional career, Fury is the overwhelming favorite against the relatively inexperienced Ngannou. The expectation is that Fury will secure victory and proceed towards an anticipated undisputed showdown against Oleksandr Usyk in the winter.

Ngannou’s Puncher’s Chance: Amir Khan believes that while Fury holds the upper hand, Ngannou’s unique attributes cannot be underestimated. The former UFC heavyweight champion is yet to make his professional boxing debut, but his sheer size and knockout power could pose a threat. Khan emphasizes the danger in Fury leaving himself exposed, as Ngannou possesses the ability to capitalize on such openings, particularly with a looping right-hander. MMA fighters, Khan notes, often employ unconventional angles when throwing punches, which can catch their opponents off guard.

The Anticipated Epic Fight: Khan expresses his enthusiasm for what promises to be “an amazing fight” and commends Saudi Arabia for elevating the sport to new heights. The matchup itself is a departure from the norm, as Fury takes on an MMA fighter. Ngannou, though not a professional boxer, seizes the chance to confront the world heavyweight champion. The intrigue of this clash lies in the potential upset that Ngannou’s power brings to the table.

How to Watch in the UK: For fans in the UK and Ireland, Tyson Fury vs. Francis Ngannou can be viewed through various platforms, including BT, Virgin Media TV, and Sky. Online streaming options are also available through the web or the TNT Sports Box Office App on October 28. It’s worth noting that being a TNT Sports subscriber is not a prerequisite to access this event. Virgin Media TV customers can access the fight via their respective set-top boxes, making it convenient for a wide range of viewers to catch this historic event.

In conclusion, while Tyson Fury is expected to secure the victory, the looming matchup with Francis Ngannou has all the elements of an epic showdown, with the potential for surprises that only the sport of boxing can deliver.

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