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Amir Khan Eyes Mega Comeback: Training for Potential Showdown Against Manny Pacquiao"

Former world champion Amir Khan has officially returned to training, fueling speculation about a potential comeback fight against legendary eight-weight world champion Manny Pacquiao. The two fighters were originally slated to face each other in 2017, but the bout fell through due to financial issues. Now, with talks of a fight in Saudi Arabia, Khan is back in the gym, eyeing a showdown with Pacquiao.

Despite Khan’s previous retirement announcement in 2022 after a stoppage defeat to Kell Brook, the 37-year-old British boxer is eager to make a comeback. Khan acknowledges that the key figure to make the Pacquiao fight happen is Turki Alalshikh, expressing confidence that Alalshikh can orchestrate the highly anticipated matchup.

Khan hasn’t fought since losing to Kell Brook in 2022

In an interview with The Sun, Khan stated, “I am training a little bit here and there, but the thing is the only man that can make that fight happen is Turki Alalshikh. I think Turki Alalshikh can make that fight happen between me and Manny Pacquiao. Yeah, that’s a fight that would definitely lift me up, for sure.”

Manny Pacquiao, who announced his retirement in 2021 but returned to the ring in 2022, is equally enthusiastic about the potential showdown. Pacquiao, now 45, hasn’t fought since his bout against Korean martial artist DK Yoo in December 2022. Both fighters have confirmed ongoing negotiations, with Pacquiao indicating that the fight is expected to take place at 147 pounds.

Khan, in talks with Pacquiao, sees the potential bout as a brilliant fight. He shared with the Daily Mail, “There’s a lot of interest in that fight between Manny Pacquiao and myself. Manny is in town so this is where me and him will have a sit down. If it happens [the fight] here or somewhere else it would be great. If I fight Manny Pacquiao I think it will be a brilliant fight. I’ve always looked up to him and we know each other quite well.”

As boxing enthusiasts eagerly await further developments, the potential matchup between Khan and Pacquiao could be a headline-grabbing event in the near future.

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