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Amanda Serrano Takes Stand, Vacates WBC Title Over Women's Boxing Rules!

Amanda Serrano, a powerhouse in women’s boxing holding multiple titles, has taken a bold step by vacating her WBC featherweight world title due to the sanctioning body’s refusal to allow 12×3-minute rounds for women’s fights. Despite reigning as the WBA, IBF, and WBO world champion, Serrano made a powerful statement, declaring she won’t fight under a sanctioning body that denies female boxers the choice to compete under the same rules as men.

In a resolute stand for equality in the sport, Serrano highlighted the importance of granting women fighters the option to compete in 12×3-minute rounds, mirroring the standard in men’s boxing. Her decision to relinquish the WBC featherweight world title speaks volumes about her commitment to advocating for parity and fairness in women’s boxing.

Serrano’s principled stance reverberated across the boxing community, drawing attention to the ongoing debate about gender equality in the sport. Her actions have sparked discussions about the need for uniform rules that afford female boxers the same opportunities and standards as their male counterparts.

With her unwavering dedication to the cause, Serrano’s move to forfeit the WBC title underscores the larger struggle for equality in boxing. As she continues to hold multiple world titles across different sanctioning bodies, her decision sends a clear message that equality in rules and opportunities for women in boxing is non-negotiable.

The impact of Serrano’s decision extends beyond her individual career, emphasizing the broader need for systemic changes in how women’s boxing is approached and regulated. Her unwavering commitment to fair treatment and equal opportunities has ignited a conversation that transcends individual titles and resonates with fighters and fans alike.

As Serrano stands firm in her advocacy for equality in boxing rules, the boxing world awaits further developments, anticipating whether her bold stance will prompt changes in how sanctioning bodies approach women’s fights.

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