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Uwel Hernandez

Super Middle Weight



  • Havana, Cuba

KO 9



L 1



D 0


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Uwel “Hector” Mejias Hernandez, born on October 14, 1992, in Havana, Cuba, is a German professional boxer of Cuban descent. He currently holds the titles of German champion in the BDB super middleweight division and the world champion in the World Boxing Federation (WBF). Additionally, he is the reigning WBA Continental Champion and IBO Continental Champion.

Hernandez and his mother immigrated to Germany in 2000 when he was just eight years old. They initially resided with relatives in Erding, where he later completed his education at the Herzog-Tassilo-Realschule. Hernandez displayed a passion for sports from a young age, engaging in activities such as bodybuilding, judo, and athletics at TSV 1862 Erding. At the age of 17, he commenced his boxing journey with KBV Erding. Hernandez is a father and currently resides in Erding.


Career as an Amateur: Initially, Hernandez ventured into kickboxing as a means to develop his physique and enhance his agility. He then transitioned to amateur boxing, participating in junior tournaments. Notably, he secured first place in his weight class at the 18th Newcomer tournament in Schweinfurt in 2011 and clinched second place at the Bavarian championships in the men’s category, competing in the up to 75 kg (full contact) division. Eventually, he joined the boxing department of TSV 1860 Munich.

Career as a Professional: Hernandez turned professional in 2017, and he was associated with the Munich-based boxing stable Lionssport Promotion until 2022. In 2022, he made the transition to being coached by Georgian Levan Janjgava and signed with manager Deniz Gemici Serrano. Out of fifteen professional fights, Hernandez emerged victorious in fourteen, seven of which were won by knockout, and experienced one defeat.

In 2019, he suffered a points loss to Berlin’s Björn Schicke in the BDB German Super Middleweight Championship match. However, Hernandez rebounded the following year by defeating Chris Hermann with a knockout in just two rounds, securing the championship title.






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