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Tim Tszyu

Super Welter Weight



  • Sydney, Australia

KO 17



L 0



D 0


5′ 8½″
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Tim Tszyu, born in Sydney, New South Wales, to Russian parents, comes from a family deeply rooted in boxing. His father, Kostya Tszyu, is a legendary figure in the world of boxing, an undisputed light-welterweight champion, and an inductee into the International Boxing Hall of Fame in 2011. Tim’s diverse heritage includes Russian, Korean, and Mongolian ancestry through his father, Kostya, and his mother, Natasha Anikina, has ethnic Russian roots.

While Tim’s boxing legacy was predetermined, his journey to the ring took an interesting path. His initial sporting interests emerged at the age of six when he began practicing gymnastics. Later, at the age of 10, he transitioned to association football (soccer). As a soccer player, he showcased his talent and was even selected for various local representative teams. However, at the age of 13, his passion for soccer started to wane when his family temporarily relocated to Moscow for a few months before returning to Sydney.

At the pivotal age of 15, Tim Tszyu made a life-changing decision to leave soccer behind and embark on a boxing career. During his teenage years, he balanced his education, attending St George Christian School and Newington College, with his burgeoning interest in the sweet science. After completing high school, he pursued a business degree at the University of Technology Sydney.

The Tszyu boxing legacy didn’t end with Tim; his brother, Nikita, also ventured into the world of professional boxing.

Tim Tszyu’s journey from a diverse sporting background to amassing an impressive amateur boxing record of 33 wins and 1 loss laid the foundation for his transition to the professional boxing world in 2016 when he was just 22 years old.






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