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Steed Woodall

Super middle



  • Birmingham, United Kingdom

KO 11



L 2



D 1


5′ 11″
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In a bold departure from the usual trend followed by British boxers, Steed “Stallion” Woodall, a promising amateur boxing star, made a daring move by relocating from England to the United States to kickstart his professional career. This decision echoes the path taken by legendary fighters like Joe Calzaghe, Ricky Hatton, and others who built their careers in the UK before conquering the US market. However, at the age of 19, Woodall chose to embark on his version of the British Invasion, crossing the Atlantic Ocean to pursue his dreams in Miami.

Woodall’s decision to leave his home country stemmed from a feeling of being overlooked by coaches responsible for selecting the Great Britain National Team (representing England, Scotland, and Wales). Despite an impressive track record that included victories over top-ranked opponents and numerous national titles, Woodall felt that his aggressive fighting style was better suited for the professional ranks rather than the Olympic amateur scene.

Although Woodall had the potential to compete in the 2016 Olympics, he decided not to wait and instead embraced his dream opportunity to fight in the United States. He left behind his familiar surroundings, including his boxing club and family, to embrace the challenge of becoming a world champion. His decision was not without sacrifices, as he left behind his hospitalized father and the support of loved ones in England. However, he remained determined to make a mark in the boxing world and was eager to embrace the opportunities that America had to offer.

Arriving in Miami during the winter, Woodall was surprised by the stark difference in climate. Shedding his winter coat for a vest, he found himself training in a challenging environment that resembled a sauna. Despite the initial hardships, Woodall was determined to adapt and make the most of his new surroundings.

With unwavering ambition and a supportive community in Miami, Steed “Stallion” Woodall began his journey towards greatness in the US. He hoped that America would embrace him as one of its own, while he also planned to return to his homeland one day to showcase his skills. A hungry and driven fighter, Woodall’s story reflects the determination and resilience that many young boxers possess as they chase their dreams and aim to leave a lasting impact on the sport.






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