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  • Rosario, Venezuela

KO 24



L 2



D 0


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Roiman Villa, also known as “Flaco de Oro” (The Golden Skinny), is a Colombian welterweight boxer who has risen to the top of the 147-pound division with his relentless style and knockout power. Born in Rosario, Venezuela on April 29, 1993, Villa moved to Colombia at a young age and started boxing as a hobby. He soon discovered his natural talent and passion for the sport and decided to pursue it as a career.

Villa made his professional debut on January 31, 2015, at the age of 21, against Luis Alberto Rios in Barranquilla, Colombia. He won by unanimous decision and impressed the fans and the media with his speed, accuracy and aggression. Since then, he has won 26 fights, 24 of them by knockout, and only lost once, by split decision, to Jamal James in 2019.

Villa is currently ranked as the number one contender for the WBA welterweight title, held by Jaron Ennis. He earned this position by defeating Rashidi Ellis by TKO in the ninth round on January 7, 2023, in a thrilling fight that was televised by FOX Sports. Villa dominated Ellis from the start, landing powerful combinations and hurting him several times. Ellis showed courage and resilience, but could not withstand Villa’s onslaught and was stopped by the referee after being dropped for the third time.

Villa is now waiting for his chance to challenge Ennis for the world title and fulfill his dream of becoming a champion. He trains in Rosario under the guidance of his coach and mentor, Pedro Diaz, who has helped him improve his skills and technique. Villa is confident that he has what it takes to defeat Ennis and become the new king of the welterweight division.

Villa is not only a fierce fighter, but also a humble and respectful person outside the ring. He dedicates his victories to his family, his fans and his country. He is also involved in social causes and supports various charities that help children and young people in Colombia. He is an inspiration for many people who admire his determination, discipline and generosity.

Roiman Villa is one of the most exciting and promising boxers in the world today. He has proven himself as a formidable contender who can compete with anyone in his weight class. He is ready to face Ennis and make history as Colombia’s first welterweight champion. He is Roiman Villa, the Golden Skinny of Boxing.






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