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Melvin Jerusalem

Minimum Weight



  • Bukidnon, Philippines

KO 12


Mini Flyweight

L 3



D 0


5′ 2″
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Melvin Oliva Jerusalem, born on February 22, 1994, is a Filipino professional boxer with an eventful career. As of January 2023, he holds the WBO mini-flyweight title, a significant accomplishment. Jerusalem has faced various challenges and notable opponents throughout his journey in the boxing world.

Early in his career, Jerusalem had a title challenge for the WBC mini-flyweight title in 2017, facing champion Wanheng Menayothin. Although the fight was closely contested, Jerusalem ultimately lost by a unanimous decision, with a point deduction affecting the outcome.

Jerusalem faced setbacks, including losses, but he demonstrated resilience and came back strong. He had wins against opponents like Jestoni Racoma, Philip Luis Cuerdo, and Toto Landero, showcasing his determination to rebound and succeed.

In 2021, Jerusalem won the vacant OPBF strawweight title, adding another significant accomplishment to his resume. He successfully defended the title in bouts against opponents like Ramel Antaran, solidifying his position as a titleholder.

The pinnacle of Jerusalem’s career came in January 2023 when he challenged Masataka Taniguchi for the WBO mini-flyweight title. In a remarkable display, Jerusalem won the fight by a second-round technical knockout, capturing the WBO title and achieving a significant milestone in his career.

Following his title victory, Jerusalem was ordered to defend his newly acquired title against Oscar Collazo. Unfortunately, he lost the bout by a seventh-round stoppage, retiring from the fight at the end of the round, marking a challenging moment in his career.

Despite the ups and downs, Melvin Oliva Jerusalem’s journey in professional boxing has been marked by determination, resilience, and noteworthy achievements, including winning the WBO mini-flyweight title and defending it against worthy challengers. His story reflects the perseverance required in the world of professional boxing.






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