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Masood Abdulah

Feather Weight



  • London, United Kingdom

KO 5



L 0



D 0


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Masood Abdulah is about to make his debut as a professional boxer under the guidance of Frank Warren and Queensberry Promotions. Abdulah, who hails from Islington Boxing Club, had a remarkable ascent in the amateur boxing world. He capped off his amateur career with a National Championships victory, previously earning a gold medal at the Three-Nations Championships, all within just 30 fights. His amateur journey comprised a total of 34 fights, and in the last season, he clinched titles in the Novices, Development, and Intermediate Elites, competing in 14 bouts over a span of four months. Abdulah is set to enter the professional ranks as a super featherweight.

Expressing his excitement, Abdulah stated, “I am honestly over the moon. I haven’t been boxing for that long, and I have managed to secure a deal with one of the best promoters in the business. I am ecstatic about it, very excited, and looking forward to the journey. I met Frank Warren, and he wished me the best of luck, hoping that I can carry my amateur success into the professional arena. I believe I have a professional style because I sit down on my shots and aim to finish fights decisively every time.”

Abdulah’s initial foray into boxing was influenced by his younger sibling, as he wanted to spend more time with him after completing his university education. However, it was Masood Abdulah who found his true calling in boxing and achieved unexpected success.

He explained, “I had my first fight on February 9, 2017, and I only joined the boxing club just so I could spend time with my younger brother. He used to box, and I used to kickbox, and after university, I wanted to spend more time with him because we grew apart. The more time I spent boxing, the less he spent boxing, which was weird. It was just a way for me to keep an eye on him, but then he beat me up in the gym, and I needed to get him back. I think that saw us grow apart again because I came down and took over his sport. We speak once in a while now, and we have each other’s backs, no matter what.”

Frank Warren, the promoter, commented on his new signee, saying, “Masood has achieved remarkable success in a very short period, and it will be intriguing to see if he can replicate these accomplishments in the professional ranks. Winning what was previously known as a senior ABA title with such limited experience suggests that he has the potential, and I am eagerly anticipating the next phase of his career.”






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