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Joe Goodall




  • Bendigo, Victoria, Australia

KO 9



L 1



D 1


6′ 5½″
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Joseph Goodall, widely recognized by his moniker “Big Bad Joe,” is a shining star in the realm of Australian professional boxing. His career is defined by remarkable accomplishments, solidifying his position as a prominent figure in the world of heavyweight boxing. Since March 2021, Goodall has proudly held the esteemed WBC Australasia heavyweight title, a testament to his unwavering commitment and exceptional skills within the squared circle.

Goodall’s journey in the sport of boxing commenced with resounding success in the amateur ranks. In 2014, he stood tall on the podium with a silver medal from the Commonwealth Games, a clear testament to his extraordinary boxing prowess. Fast forward to 2017, and he further embellished his trophy cabinet by securing a bronze at the World Championships. It’s worth noting that Goodall’s bronze accolade marked a significant milestone for Australia, being the country’s first medal at the World Championships in over two and a half decades. This accomplishment underlines both his innate talent and unwavering dedication.

Professional Boxing Record: In the transition from the amateur circuit to the world of professional boxing, Joseph Goodall has been nothing short of exceptional. His professional boxing record serves as a testament to his resilience and remarkable skills in the ring. With a total of 12 professional fights under his belt, he has emerged victorious in 10 of them, an impressive feat in itself. Furthermore, an astonishing 9 of these victories came via knockout, showcasing his undeniable power and ability to conclude fights with authority. Although every fighter faces their share of challenges, Goodall’s ability to bounce back from setbacks exemplifies his grit and determination.

Joseph Goodall’s remarkable journey in boxing, spanning from his early achievements as an amateur to his current status as the WBC Australasia heavyweight titleholder, is a testament to his unwavering commitment to the sport. With each fight, he continues to carve his path towards greater heights, and boxing enthusiasts worldwide eagerly anticipate more electrifying matches and achievements from this Australian boxing sensation. As he stands on the precipice of an exciting career, Joseph Goodall is poised to etch his name further into the annals of boxing history.






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