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Harlem Eubank

Super Light Weight



  • Brighton, Sussex, United Kingdom

KO 7



L 0



D 0


5′ 8″
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Harlem Eubank, with an impressive record of 14 wins and no losses, is the nephew of the famous boxer Chris Eubank Sr. However, Harlem’s journey in the world of boxing had a different starting point compared to his renowned relatives. While Chris Jr. received significant attention from his professional debut, often making grand entrances to the ring alongside his father, Harlem began his career in front of a sparse audience at York Halls.

Harlem’s father, Simon Eubank, along with his twin brother Peter, did not achieve the same level of fame and success as their younger brother Chris Sr. They were regarded as journeymen in the boxing world, often brought in as opponents to lose against the home fighter for minimal pay. While the twins occasionally pulled off upsets, such as Peter Eubank outpointing a young Barry McGuigan, their boxing records were predominantly marked by losses.

The experiences of his older twin brothers likely influenced Chris Sr.’s ambivalent relationship with the sport, which he once referred to as “a mug’s game.”

Harlem Eubank acknowledges the challenges his father and uncle faced in their boxing careers, describing them as being on the “other side of boxing.” He maintains a level-headed approach, earning him the affectionate moniker “Humble Harlem” from his trainer, Adam Booth. Harlem is distinct from the enigmatic Chris Sr. and the confident Chris Jr.

Harlem competes in the light-welterweight division and is aiming to extend his undefeated record to 15-0 in his upcoming bout against Mexico’s Eliot Chavez, which will be broadcast on Channel 5.

Despite his family’s boxing legacy, Harlem’s path into the sport was different. Initially, he was deterred by the overwhelming fame of his uncle and the challenging experiences his father went through. Instead, Harlem’s interest in combat sports was kindled by watching Bruce Lee films during his upbringing. He excelled in karate as a youth, becoming a two-time British karate champion at the ages of 10 and 11. However, his accomplishments in karate did not impress his extroverted uncle, Chris.

Harlem Eubank’s journey in the boxing world is marked by his determination to forge his own path, drawing on his distinct talents and experiences, while also staying true to his “Humble Harlem” persona.






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