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Frederick Lawson

Welter Weight



  • Accra, Ghana

KO 22



L 3



D 0


5′ 9″
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Frederick Lawson, once hailed as Ghana’s promising boxing sensation, saw his meteoric rise meet an unexpected halt after a series of unfortunate events. His boxing journey took a sharp turn during a fateful Premier Boxing Champions (PBC) event in Miami, Florida, on November 7, 2015. Undefeated until then, Lawson faced Canada’s Kevin Bizier, aiming for a shot at the IBF World Welterweight Champion, Kell Brook. However, the tide turned against Lawson as Bizier claimed victory after ten closely contested rounds, leaving Frederick nursing a broken jaw and his dream shattered.

The devastating injury kept Lawson sidelined for 16 months, and upon his return, his performances didn’t match the earlier glory. A decisive blow came on March 30, 2019, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, when journeyman Juan Ruiz defeated Lawson in a fourth-round knockout, marking a significant setback. Subsequent fights against lower-ranked opponents further highlighted a decline from his previous form.

Lawson’s boxing journey commenced at 15, introduced to the sport by an amateur boxer classmate. Under the guidance of Lartekwei Lartey at Fit Square Gym in Accra, Lawson’s natural talent propelled him onto Ghana’s national amateur team, setting the stage for a promising career.

His professional debut in March 2011 under Lartey’s mentorship and Alhaji Inusah Sally’s management led to an impressive 21-fight win streak, earning Lawson recognition and accolades. However, the craving for more opportunities led him to pursue training alongside Manny Pacquiao in the Philippines in 2013, a move that soured relations with his managers.

A rift emerged as Lawson made decisions contrary to his handlers’ advice, eventually culminating in his relocation to the US in 2014, facilitated by Jacob Zwennes. The move stirred controversy, with Alhaji Inusah Sally and Lartekwei Lartey feeling blindsided by Lawson’s departure.

His venture into US boxing, however, was marred by underwhelming performances and unexpected defeats, leading to a downward spiral in his career trajectory. Despite various trainers, including Abel Sanchez and Kwame Asante, his fortunes failed to improve, culminating in the Ruiz loss.

Opinions vary on Lawson’s decline, with some attributing it to lack of dedication and professional focus outside the ring. A source with insights into the situation highlighted Lawson’s reliance on natural talent over rigorous training, a choice that proved detrimental in the highly competitive boxing landscape.

Amidst postponed fights due to the pandemic, the 30-year-old Lawson continues to navigate his comeback, acknowledging the setbacks and expressing determination to reclaim his stature. However, the road ahead remains uncertain, and the fate of his boxing aspirations lies in his perseverance and ability to bounce back from adversity.






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