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Feather Weight



  • West Ham, London, United Kingdom

KO 1


L 3



D 0


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In the fiercely competitive featherweight division, one promising talent has been making waves and capturing the attention of boxing enthusiasts worldwide. ID #1085673, a 19-year-old male hailing from the United Kingdom, is rapidly climbing the ranks and establishing himself as a force to be reckoned with.

Born and raised in West Ham, London, this young featherweight made his professional debut on March 23, 2019, stepping into the ring with determination and a hunger for success. Since then, he has showcased his skills in 17 bouts, accumulating an impressive record that has earned him a remarkable rating of #64 out of 1,706 in his division.

With a knockout percentage of 7.14%, ID #1085673 has demonstrated both skill and power in the squared circle. The 50 rounds he has contested underline his endurance and resilience, traits that are crucial in the unforgiving world of professional boxing.

Navigating his career from 2019 to 2023, this featherweight sensation has proven that age is just a number when talent and dedication come together. His rapid ascent in the division speaks volumes about his work ethic and the guidance of his team.

As a resident of West Ham, London, ID #1085673 carries the hopes of his community and the pride of his nation into every bout. His journey is not only about personal success but also about representing the United Kingdom on the international stage.

In a division that demands precision, strategy, and relentless determination, ID #1085673 has already marked himself as a contender to watch. The next chapters of his career promise to be filled with thrilling matchups, as this young talent continues to carve his path in the competitive world of featherweight boxing.

The story of ID #1085673 is still unfolding, and fans eagerly await each new chapter in the biography of this rising star.






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