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Heavy Weight



  • Batie, Cameroon

KO -1



L 1



D 0


6′ 4″
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Francis Zavier Ngannou, born on September 5, 1986, is a Cameroonian and French professional mixed martial artist and boxer. Renowned for his devastating punching power, Ngannou made a significant impact in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) heavyweight division before transitioning to the Professional Fighters League (PFL).

Ngannou’s journey began in the village of Batié, Cameroon, where poverty and limited education defined his early years. Raised by his aunt after his parents’ divorce, Ngannou faced adversity, including the temptation to join local gangs. Refusing the path of violence, he drew inspiration from his father’s troubled past as a street fighter to embrace a positive pursuit – boxing.

Commencing his boxing training at 22, Ngannou faced initial family resistance. A year into training, illness interrupted his progress. Undeterred, he took odd jobs until, at 26, he decided to venture to Paris, France, to pursue professional boxing. However, the path to Europe was fraught with challenges, including a two-month stint in a Spanish jail for illegal border crossing.

Upon reaching Paris, Ngannou found himself destitute, living on the streets with no money, friends, or shelter. His fortunes changed when he discovered a sympathetic coach, Didier Carmont, who secured him free training at a boxing club. Ngannou’s introduction to mixed martial arts (MMA) came through Carmont, opening new possibilities beyond boxing.

Facing adversity, Ngannou volunteered at Lo Chorba, a non-profit organization, and found shelter in a Parisian boxing gym. When the gym closed for summer, fate intervened as Ngannou connected with Fernand Lopez and the MMA Factory. Initially drawn to boxing, Ngannou’s potential in MMA was recognized by Lopez, leading to an invitation to train and stay at the gym for free.

Ngannou’s MMA journey had begun, guided by the perseverance forged in the crucible of poverty and adversity. From the streets of Batié to the MMA Factory, his story epitomizes the triumph of determination and the pursuit of a dream against all odds.






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