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Amanda Serrano

Feather Weight



  • Puerto Rico

KO 30



L 2



D 1


5′ 5½″
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Amanda Serrano is indeed an accomplished Puerto Rican athlete known for her achievements in professional boxing, mixed martial arts, and professional wrestling. Here’s a closer look at her career and background:

Boxing Career:

Amanda Serrano was born on October 9, 1988, in Carolina, Puerto Rico.

She is a professional boxer and holds multiple world titles in different weight classes.

Serrano is the undisputed featherweight world champion. She held the WBO title since 2019, the WBC and IBO titles since 2021, and the WBA title since 2023.

She is renowned for being the only female boxer, and the only Puerto Rican, to win world titles in more than four weight classes.

Amanda Serrano holds the Guinness World Record for the most boxing world championships won in different weight classes by a female, having won nine major world titles across seven different weight classes.

Her older sister, Cindy Serrano, is also a professional boxer, and they made history by becoming the first sisters to hold world titles from major sanctioning bodies simultaneously, with Cindy winning the WBO featherweight title in 2016.

Recognition and Awards:

Amanda Serrano has been honored with the Female Boxer of the Year Award twice, in 2016 and 2018, by the WBO. She was also granted the first “Super World Championship” awarded to a woman by the WBO.

As of March 2021, she was ranked as the world’s best active female featherweight by The Ring and BoxRec. Additionally, she was ranked the third-best active female pound-for-pound boxer by ESPN and third by The Ring.

Early Life and Introduction to Boxing:

Amanda Serrano was born in Carolina, Puerto Rico, but her family later moved to New York, where she grew up among the Puerto Rican diaspora.

She was raised in an environment rich in Puerto Rican culture, with a love for traditional food and salsa music.

Serrano’s upbringing influenced her Spanish dialect, which had a distinct accent attributed to the Nuyorican community (a blend of Spanish and English known as Spanglish).

She lived in Brooklyn for much of her life and had a passion for swimming during her youth.

Serrano initially wasn’t interested in boxing but became a fan of the sport due to her sister Cindy’s involvement.

She started boxing training at the age of 12, accompanying her sister to the gym, and eventually got her first job there.

Amanda Serrano decided to pursue boxing more seriously when she was 17, as a way to bond with her sister and earn money.

Her father supported her decision, and her mother saw it as a means for her elder sister to retire after having her second child.

Despite being shy, Serrano chose to train in a small gym in Queens under the guidance of Jordan Maldonado, allowing her to focus on her training.

Her amateur boxing career was brief but notable, with a record of 9-1, including winning the Staten Island amateur championship in 2008.

Amanda Serrano’s story is a testament to her dedication and talent, as she has achieved remarkable success in the world of combat sports, making her a prominent figure in women’s boxing.






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