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    • w 26
    • ko 23
    • L 0
    • D 0
  • 25 July 2023



    • w 21
    • ko 8
    • L 1
    • D 0

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Inoue’s decision to move up a weight division showcases his ambition and desire to continuously challenge himself. As the undisputed bantamweight champion, he has already proven his dominance in his previous weight class, leaving no doubts about his exceptional talent and punching power. Now, he aims to solidify his status as one of the most formidable fighters in the world by taking on Fulton.

Fulton, hailing from Philadelphia, brings his own impressive undefeated record to the table along with the WBC and WBO super-bantamweight titles. His skill set and accomplishments in the ring have earned him recognition as a top fighter in his weight division. Defending his championship belts against a renowned opponent like Inoue will undoubtedly be a significant test for Fulton, as he looks to prove his worth on the international stage.

As the date of the bout draws near, fans eagerly await the display of skill, strategy, and sheer power that these two extraordinary athletes will bring to the ring. The clash of styles and the determination to emerge victorious in such a high-stakes encounter only heightens the excitement surrounding this matchup. Boxing aficionados around the globe will be closely watching as Inoue and Fulton engage in a battle for supremacy, aiming to etch their names even deeper into the annals of boxing greatness.

The clash between Inoue and Fulton is highly anticipated among boxing enthusiasts worldwide. It is a battle that not only pits two unbeaten fighters against each other but also serves as a cross-cultural showdown between Japan and America. The outcome of this fight could have a profound impact on the boxing landscape, potentially shaping the direction of both fighters’ careers and adding a new chapter to the sport’s history.

  • Stephen Fulton vs. Naoya Inoue for the WBC and WBO Super-bantamweight titles
  • Robeisy Ramirez vs.¬†Satoshi Shimizu for the WBO featherweight title
  • Chihiro Iwashita vs. Hiroyuki Takahara; Super-featherweight
  • Kanamu Sakama vs. Ryu Horikawa; Super-flyweight
  • Taiga Imanaga vs. Hebi Marapu; Lightweight
  • Yoshiki Takei vs. Ronnie Baldonado; Super-bantamweight
  • Yuki Kajitani vs. Masato Shinoda; Super-flyweight
  • Kenta Yamakawa vs. Ryosuke Nakamura; Featherweight
  • Takero Kitano vs. Kenta Kawakami; Featherweight


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