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    • w 15
    • ko 10
    • L 0
    • D 0
  • 01 July 2023



    • w 17
    • ko 11
    • L 2
    • D 0

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Dalton Smith, a Sheffield native, will face fellow British boxer Sam Maxwell in what promises to be an exciting contest. This isn’t a normal fight; there’s a lot on the stake. Dalton has the opportunity to extend his unbeaten streak to 15-0.

But you know what’s even more thrilling? The winner will take British and Commonwealth Super Lightweight belts home.

Win for Smith will allow him to take the British super lightweight championship. And wouldn’t that be amazing?

Dalton is making a lot of noise in the super lightweight division. Not simply a hometown hero, but a genuine contender on the rise. This fight with Maxwell is much more than simply protecting his crown. It’s about his desire, his future vision. If he wins here, he may as well start knocking on the door for a world championship chance. He’s no longer simply boxing for Sheffield; he’s boxing for the entire globe.

On the contrary, Sam Maxwell isn’t merely here to fill in the blanks. He has has guts, passion, and a desire to give Dalton a run for his money. The British rivalry adds even more to the fuel of this game. He is completely aware that he is the underdog, yet he is determined to make a statement. He wants to ruin Dalton’s plans and prove he has whatever it takes to compete with the best. The bell is going to sound, and we are in for a battle.

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