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  • Frederick Lawson

    • w 30
    • ko 22
    • L 3
    • D 0
  • 06 January 2024



    • w 19
    • ko 19
    • L 0
    • D 0

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Vergil Ortiz Jr’s transition to the super welterweight division is set to kick off with an intriguing matchup against welterweight veteran Fredrick Lawson on January 6th, as confirmed by Ortiz on Twitter. While initial reports hinted at Marlen Esparza’s potential involvement, details about the undercard from DAZN are yet to surface.

Under usual circumstances, this fight might seem one-sided. Lawson, hailing from Ghana, has faced some challenges in recent years, with his last notable victories dating back almost a decade. His recent performances have seen setbacks against opponents like Kevin Bizier, Juan Ruiz, and Charles Hatley, with a win over late replacement Estevan Villalobos being his sole noteworthy victory.

However, the focus isn’t solely on Lawson’s track record. Ortiz (19-0, 19 KO) himself is navigating a complex phase, having faced health issues that sidelined him throughout 2023. This upcoming bout marks his first foray into the super welterweight category. Given Ortiz’s health concerns, the lack of a weight cut for this fight could potentially alleviate some pressures. With uncertainties lingering over Ortiz’s physical readiness to perform at his peak, the decision to opt for a relatively softer opponent might serve as a cautious strategic move by his team.

As Ortiz gears up for his debut in the super welterweight division, this fight against Lawson holds significant weight. It serves as a crucial test for Ortiz’s transition and offers an opportunity to gauge his condition and readiness to compete at this new weight class. While the matchup may appear uneven on paper, Ortiz’s return to the ring after a prolonged absence due to health concerns adds an element of curiosity and anticipation to this upcoming clash.


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