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  • 21 July 2023



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Friday night’s highly-anticipated IBO world super bantamweight title bout between Lee McGregor and Erik Robles will be beamed live from Edinburgh’s Meadowbank Sports Centre on DAZN starting at 7pm local time. McGregor, known as ‘Lightning’, is preparing for a match that he believes could be a career-defining moment. The Scottish sensation, already a British, Commonwealth, and European bantamweight titleholder with a mere ten fights under his belt, has joined forces with Wasserman Boxing to embark on the next phase of his professional journey, starting with a run at the IBO world title.

This evening promises a star-studded card, including appearances by Britain’s promising heavyweight contender Matty Harris and the emerging super lightweight dynamo Harlem Eubank. Additionally, spectators will witness the brutal force of Kazakhstan’s Sultan Zaurbek as he faces former European champion John Cater. Meanwhile, featherweight Isaac Lowe is ready to commemorate his comeback with a triumph, heavyweight powerhouse Kash Ali is aiming to impress, and Ben Andrews, a remarkable amateur from Great Britain, is making his professional debut.

McGregor, the darling of Scottish boxing, is renowned for his audacious spirit. He asserts, “I’ve never shied away from a test. I’m a fighter at heart, unafraid of any opponent or challenge.” As he prepares for a potentially gruelling fight, he speaks of the morale-boosting power of the crowd, “When the going gets tough, the cheer from the audience drives me on. Mexican boxers like Robles are always up for an intense brawl.”

However, McGregor is certain of his strength and resilience, “I pour my heart and soul into every fight. It will require an extraordinary feat to defeat me on Friday. I’ve weathered many tempests in my life. I’ll settle for nothing less than a win and the championship belt.” He adds with a playful grin, “They dub me the ‘Scottish Mexican’ for my fighting style. With our similar approaches, this promises to be a ferocious encounter.”

Despite being the away fighter, Erik Robles shows no signs of nervousness. “Pressure doesn’t faze me. We Mexicans bring our A-game, irrespective of the venue. I’m not intimidated at all.” He also recognizes McGregor’s prowess, “Lee is a worthy adversary with a powerful punch. We’re gearing up for a ring battle, promising a tremendous showdown. But I’m confident that Mexico will have the final cheer.”

Nisse Sauerland, from Wasserman Boxing, voices his enthusiasm for the long-anticipated clash, “It’s incredible that Lee hasn’t had a match in his hometown since his debut in 2017. If he wins on Friday, he has a bright future with numerous high-profile bouts in the pipeline.”

McGregor’s mentor, Ben Davison, applauds his mentee’s composure in high-pressure situations. “Lee thrives when he’s the center of attention. He’s claimed three titles in a remarkably short period, often saving his best for these vital championship matches.” Discussing McGregor’s strengths, Davison notes, “Lee boasts numerous outstanding traits, his brave heart being the most notable. We hope he won’t have to demonstrate that on Friday. He’s well-prepared, naturally large for his category, and he readies himself to the maximum.”

The McGregor vs Robles bout can be streamed live on DAZN (except in the UK and Ireland) from 7pm on Friday.

Lee McGregor vs Erik Robles UNDERCARD

  • Harlem Eubank vs. Ishmael Ellis; Super lightweight
  • Isaac Lowe vs. Jonathan Santana; Featherweight
  • Matty Harris vs. Kostyantin Dovbyshchenko; Heavyweight
  • Sultan Zaurbek vs. John Carter; Super featherweight
  • Kash Ali vs. Bodhan Myronets; Heavyweight
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