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    • w 14
    • ko 7
    • L 1
    • D 1
  • 16 December 2023


  • Placebo Ramirez

    • w 24
    • ko 17
    • L 3
    • D 0

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The clash between Josh Kelly and Plácido Ramírez Sánchez promises to be an electrifying encounter. Kelly, known for his speed and technical prowess, will look to utilize his skills to outmaneuver his opponent. However, Sánchez, with a solid record and a disciplined boxing style, poses a significant challenge.

Kelly’s footwork and agility may give him an edge in the early rounds, but Sánchez’s resilience and strategic approach could make this a compelling matchup. Expect a tactical battle where both fighters aim to assert dominance.

As the fight progresses, Sánchez’s experience and power might play a crucial role, potentially swinging the momentum in his favor. However, Kelly’s precision and ability to adapt could make this a close contest, possibly going the distance.

It’s a showdown between contrasting styles and strengths, making it difficult to predict a clear winner. Yet, one thing remains certain—the Beacon of Light will witness an enthralling super-welterweight clash between two determined warriors striving for victory.

Betting slip
  • 1.4
  • Winner