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  • 08 July 2023



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Headlining the event, Jaron ‘Boots’ Ennis, the undefeated welterweight sensation, is set to defend his interim IBF welterweight title against the formidable Venezuelan boxer, Roiman Villa, on Showtime, July 8. This thrilling match-up between the highly-ranked Ennis, with a perfect record of 30-0 and Villa, who stands at 26-1, is already generating waves in the boxing community.

While some social media reactions express discontent over Ennis facing Villa, the boxing world acknowledges that both are stellar athletes. Boxing pundits speculate that this could be a stepping stone for Ennis who’s eyeing the full IBF championship in 2024, enhancing the title fight’s significance.

This bout will be interesting since it takes place in Atlantic City, which was once a famous arena for boxing in the 1980s and 90s. The match between Ennis and Villa recalls to the glory days of high-profile matches in this storied city.

In comparison to Ennis’ last opponent, Karen Chukhadzhian, Villa is a tough competitor. He’s fresh off a stunning victory over the unbeaten Rashidi Ellis, a testament to his boxing prowess. However, Villa, who earned most of his accolades fighting lesser-known rivals in Colombia, remains relatively unfamiliar to American boxing fans.

The focus of Ennis has always been to challenge the welterweight titans, namely Errol Spence Jr and Terence Crawford. These champions are set to ascend to the 154-pound division in 2024, possibly paving the way for Ennis’ shot at the title. At that time, the International Boxing Federation may elevate Ennis to champion status or arrange for a match between him and top-rated contenders.

For all those following boxing news and updates, this Ennis-Villa match is one to watch, potentially redefining Ennis’ career and reshaping the future of the welterweight division. As always, fans can expect an intense and exciting showdown in the boxing ring this summer.

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