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  • Marc Leach

    • w 18
    • ko 4
    • L 2
    • D 1
  • 06 October 2023


  • Masood Abdulah

    • w 8
    • ko 5
    • L 0
    • D 0

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Get ready for an electrifying showdown as Masood Abdulah steps into the ring with an unblemished record of 8 wins, zero losses, and 0 draws, with an impressive 5 of those victories coming by way of knockout. His knockout prowess is not to be underestimated, boasting a remarkable 63% knockout percentage, giving him a significant power advantage over his opponent, Marc Leach, whose knockout rate stands at 22%.

Both fighters share the same age, with both Abdulah and Leach being 29 years old, setting the stage for a true battle of equals in terms of age and vitality.

In terms of fighting style, Abdulah is an orthodox fighter, while Marc Leach favors the southpaw stance, promising an intriguing clash of techniques and strategies in the ring.

While Abdulah may have fewer professional fights under his belt, with 13 less bouts than Leach, his rapid rise since his debut in 2021 is nothing short of remarkable, making this fight even more enticing. Abdu

lah has engaged in 96 fewer professional rounds compared to Leach, totaling 37 rounds to Leach’s 133, making every round of this encounter potentially explosive.

With all these factors in play, the stage is set for a thrilling match that could go down as a defining moment in both fighters’ careers. Don’t miss the action as these two talented warriors lock horns in the ring!


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